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The Patriot Anglers is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to providing outdoor recreation for our military and veteran families. The Patriot Anglers is comprised of Veterans, military family members, and patriots that possess a unique under-standing of the toll that military service can take on a family, and being from Colorado, we also understand the value of time spent outdoors. We believe in the healing power of time spent in nature, and that reconnecting with your environment can also allow you to reconnect with those around you. We take Military Service Members, veterans, and their families on fishing expeditions throughout Colorado. We fish year-round to include boating, ice fishing, and river fishing. We provide all necessary equipment as well as skills needed to become successful fisherman. We also educate our participants on the environment/ecosystems that we fish. We have a passion for working with Veterans and their families. We have all experienced, firsthand, the difficulties facing those who choose the military life, but we firmly believe that a simple activity, such as fishing, can bring some simplicity back into your life. We believe that helping your spouse catch a fish or bait their line, can reopen the lines of communication. We believe that seeing the joy on your child’s face as they catch their first fish, can reignite your own sense of wonder. We believe that when we return to nature, without all the distractions of our everyday lives, we can then return to each other as well.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:
The Patriot Anglers strengthens bonds and uplifts U.S. military families past and present, by providing a unique Rocky Mountain fishing experience.

Vision Statement:
Providing regular and quality fishing experiences that assist, heal, and inspire thousands of deserving veterans and their families. Provide life-long coping strategies through fishing, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities.

Interested parties may find contact information and activity information for Patriot Anglers on our Facebook page: Patriot Anglers Fishing Community.
We do not have a dedicated phone line as we are an all-volunteer organization.

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