We welcome all volunteers who wish to assist our Veterans and families in any way possible.  We have the passion to help others!  Veterans are the most grossly underserved segment of our population and Qualified Listeners is working hard every day to resolve this.

We seek volunteers who believe in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, and who understand these United States exist because of the sacrifices of generations of Veterans and their families.

Want to join a team who has passion to assist Veterans and their families?  You can volunteer in a variety of ways.  We serve all Veterans, from all eras, from all branches with all levels of discharge.  All we need to assist a Veteran is a form of Proof of Service with the most common being a DD-214.

If you have always wanted to assist our Veterans, but did not know how, perhaps we are your solution.

To become a Volunteer, see the outline below, Volunteer Onboarding Process.

Volunteering is based on YOUR time and schedule, and you can volunteer in a variety of ways.  Volunteering is a Work of Heart…

    Volunteer Onboarding Process

    All Volunteers and Staff

      1. Phone interview – 30 – 45 minutes (If a Veteran, send us a copy of your DD-214 or VA card, or Veteran Organization card)
      2. Non-Disclosure agreement – signature and email back to the office
      3. Volunteer Skills List
      4. In-person interview – 1 – 2 hours at a restaurant, paid for by Qualified Listeners Corp.
      5. Background check – about 5 minutes of your time, paid for by Qualified Listeners Corp.
      6. Psych Armor – 4 online courses, about 1 hour of your time
      7. Mission management training – Zoom or phone – 30 minutes
      8. Total Time is approximately 4.5 hours


      1. Second interview with Greg to prepare for listening sessions – 1 – 3 hours


      1. Copy of driver’s license
      2. Copy of vehicle insurance
      3. Copy of driving record

    We need….

    • Drivers
    • Listeners
    • Someone with a pickup to help pickup and deliver mobility equipment
    • Someone who can assist our furniture team in moving furniture in and out of our storage units located in south Loveland
    • Facilitate bathroom modifications in partnership with Home Depot
    • And many other things we are engaged in.

    Many Veterans need caring volunteers to help them with their daily lives and need your help to support them!  Just fill out this form or give us a call at 720-600-0860.

    Interested in Helping?

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