Listening is the most important thing one human being can do for another.

Most people are not broken, they do not need therapy, they may just need someone to talk to.  Someone who will listen and not judge, someone who can relate to their experiences.  We are Qualified Listeners!

We cover Colorado and Wyoming and if feasible, we will meet face to face over a cup of coffee, lemonade or tea.  Otherwise, we will talk on the phone or video chat with you.

Listening Program is confidential and non-judgmental. Combat Veterans listening to Combat Veterans to help prevent suicide is what Qualified Listeners was originally based on and it remains our #1 focus. However, we’ve learned that families of Veterans also need someone to talk to. We’re working hard to meet these needs.

    • Male Veterans
    • Female Veterans
    • Spouses of Veterans
    • Children of Veterans
    • Parents of Veterans
    • Grandparents of Veterans
    • We inform Veterans and family members of the many resources available to them

If you would like to connect to a Qualified Listener, just give us a call at 720-600-0860.

With close to 1,000 Listening sessions we've learned a great deal.  A key thing is the difference between PTSD and Moral Injury.  Click here to learn more


Our Qualified Listeners include: (click on the name to see their bio)