We are a Veteran & Family Resource hub, providing a variety of services and connections to Veterans and their families.

We are volunteers who focus on helping Veterans and their families each and every day

Our Vision:

To help Veterans and their families find more peace in their life.

Our Mission:

Meet the needs of the Veteran Community through outreach, listening, resource vetting and referrals, and advocacy.

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Everyone has a story; we want to hear yours

Trained listeners who are safe to talk to who won’t judge

Train family members to listen to families

Train people to listen to Veterans


Assistance, regardless of the issue

Provide or direct Veterans & families to resources

Provide moral support

Facilitate onsite assistance

A collective voice for the Veteran community

Resource Directory

Highly vetted Resources

VA & Non VA listings

Updated quarterly

Available on website and in print


Presentations to inform & educate

Monthly news releases & articles

Monthly newsletter (electronic)

Attend Veteran breakfast & lunch groups

Qualified Listeners helps Veterans and Families Find More Peace in Their Life…

If you require assistance and cannot find it, call us at 720-600-0860.

Emergency Medical Care Outside of VA Facility 72-Hour Notification Number 1-844-724-7842, Option #1

Veterans enrolled in the VA Healthcare system and admitted to a non-VA emergency room can call the VA notification number to receive assistance in coordinating necessary care. This helps to ensure the administrative and clinical requirements are met for the VA to pay for the emergency care. A Veteran does not have to call this number before being admitted but must do so within 72 hours post-admission. This pertains to Emergency Response or Emergency Room only. Does not apply to Urgent Care.