Become A Qualified Resource

Qualified Resource Vetting Program Outline

Step 1. – Fill out online application
Step 2. – Vetting Team Review of Application
Step 3. – Vetting Team Site Visit
Step 4. – Vetting Team Evaluation & Determination
Step 5. – Approve or deny application

Qualified Listeners provides the following services for Veterans and their families:

  1. OUTREACH: We educate and inform Veterans, their families and the public
  2. LISTENING: We have trained and Qualified Listener services.
  3. RESOURCE DIRECTORY: We only include those organizations who have been vetted by our Resource Team because we know our Veterans and their families will be cared for in the professional, respectful manner they’ve earned. Our Veterans and Families deserve the best we can find!
  4. ADVOCACY: As a Veteran & Family Resource Hub, we advocate for their needs and disseminate that information to our network of Qualified Resources.

Qualified Resource Application